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Outside the Track: Taking Care of Race Horses

Before any race, owners team up with stable hands, trainers, grooms and veterinarians to prepare their horses. They provide their horses with basic needs like shelter, food and companionship. Keeping their horses fit and healthy increases their chances of getting 1st place. Like any other animal, horses need the utmost care from their owners

Knowing how owners take care of their horses can improve your chances of winning. Betting on a horse that you see receiving care might be better than betting on the favorites of the race.

The Preparation

The best way for keeping the horses healthy is to put them in their natural environment. Horses are grazers. When put in small stalls and fed with concentrated grains, they can develop digestion problems. Stable hands should feed the horses little by little to lessen the chances of colic.

Having a daily check-up of the horses is very important. For new owners, they need a regular evaluation of vital signs from a veterinarian to know what is normal for their horse. Normally, we use castor oil for hair growth. Horse owners use castor oil for regular deworming of their horses. They also apply vaccines to improve the horse’s immunity.

Owners hire racehorse trainers to improve the horse’s physical condition. He trains the horse so it can achieve its peak performance. Not only in the physical aspect, racehorse trainers enhance horses mentally. They provide psychological training to get the horses ready for racing.

Other important things that owners take care of are the physical appearance and emotional state of horses. They hire racehorse grooms to clean the shelter, maintain the coat and hooves and make the horses happy.

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