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Bitcoin is a popular currency in online businesses. It is something new. Many but not everybody knows that it exists. The highlighted feature of the currency is that transfers are quick and easy. The users are always in control and it can be used to pay for almost any type of business, goods and services.

Rainbow Riches

Winning great prizes is easy with slots. It gets so much better when the total winnings are multiplied. The game of Rainbow Riches lives up to its theme of luck.  It is a 3-row and 5-column video slots game with 20 pay lines. The game gives prizes according to the number of game symbols that matched every after spin. The game symbols have obvious relation with the theme. Landing the Leprechaun, Wishing Well and the Pots of Gold symbols on the gaming area in specific order takes the players into a unique game bonus round. This is where all the great things happen.

Play Rainbow Riches

There are so many casinos with Rainbow Riches slots game. It would not be that hard to find the game. Play Rainbow Riches Slot has a list of casinos where to access the game. It also has the list of casino sites with great bonuses. The game is available on both desktop and mobile versions. The game software is free to download and does not take long to install.

Win the Game

Slots are unpredictable. It could be friendly and then be unfriendly in the next couple of minutes. Random number generator determines the spin results. There is no way that even the fortunetellers could tell the exact game results. Slots could be all or nothing. It is up to the players to decide. Playing the game with minimal bets could give out decent rewards. Everybody could play it safe this way.