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Analyzing Horse Racing Components

Before placing any wagers on a horse, it is crucial to look at certain factors that are considered as norms in the racing arena. Plenty of seasoned individuals would have first-time players believe that there are specific rules that should always be followed regardless of the situation. One example is never picking a horse that’s racing a track where its trainer or jockey has poor performance records on, or bettors should never pick a horse that is not suited to certain track conditions.

However, these are only advice that most old-timers give. A majority of the modern horse bettors disregards these absolutes. Indeed, the record of a trainer and jockey at a particular track should be closely monitored along with the horse’s records. But these are elements comprise a small portion of the entire picture. Yes, bettors need to grab that information on board with other factors that should be put into consideration—just like spending casino bonus points on Jackpot City—and then try to formulate a forecast once all factors are thoroughly analyzed and inspected. It is rare that a bettor should disregard a horse’s chances purely on two or three factors alone. Ultimately, no one should back a horse on a few points alone.

Here’s a list of the main influences that every bettor should be looking at:

  • Current form of horse
  • Overall form of horse based on past performances
  • Current form of trainer
  • Current form of jockey
  • Course record and fitness levels of all aforementioned participants
  • Distance record
  • Speed rating
  • Track conditions
  • Weight carried by the horse
  • Class
  • Expected pace of race

Typically, a horse’s form is an aspect that most bettors look at. Indeed, this is a very good starting point as well as an indicator as it’s reasonable to expect a horse in good form to continue its performance.

When analyzing the form of a horse, players should take note of other data other than the results of past races. All relevant aspects should be put into play such as the opposition in previous events, race distance, and track conditions. Users then need to place this information side by side the other horses that are also in consideration.

The form of trainers and jockeys are two points that are often disregarded—mostly in the case of first-time bettors. It is true that both are not as relevant as the horse, the recent performances of trainers and jockeys should be put into account. There also contribute to the success of a horse and should never be underestimated.

Furthermore, other considerations such as course records of a horse, its trainer, and its jockey, the distance of a race, the distance preference of a horse, and various components that could influence the outcome should be closely monitored.

Ultimately, analyzing the form of a horse is no easy task, but those who wish to capitalize are suggested to carry out these tasks for better chances of making the correct prediction.