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US based, licensed and regulated, Bet America is one of US’s top online racebook sites which offers wagering on Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Harness racing from racetracks all over the world. Bet America features a special 3% bonus on every wager placed in one of the bonus tracks, regardless of the type of wager placed.

Bet America
Bet America is owned and operated by Lien Games Racing LLC which holds the North Dakota online race wagering licensee issued by the North Dakota Racing Commission. All wagering activity is carried out in association with registered charity in Dakota which receives a percentage of every wager placed at Bet America. Bet America operates anĀ  advanced user friendly wagering platform and provides the bettors with added value in the form of up to date track odds, horse racing news, live audio and video feeds and streaming, all free of charge.

The Added Value of Bet America
Bet America don’t just offers wagering on horse racing and lets the bettors deal the consequences. The site publishes wagering guides explaining how to place a wager, how to distinguish the many types wager, especially exotic wagering and how to figure out the right horse or horses to wage on. By doing so, Bet America positions itself as suitable for both novice and experienced horse racing players. In addition, Bet America has wager verification for the benefit and confidence of the bettors and gives the bettors the best conditions they can get when going about horse racing betting.

Bet America strives to be the leading online horse racing wagering service and does so by constantly maintaining an innovative approach and awarding the horse racing players with free horse racing betting bonuses, throwing prize bearing contests and allowing the players to participate in a refer a friend program which benefits both sides.

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