Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing Betting’s Leading Racebooks

North America’s leading horse betting racebook, sportsbook and online casino, Allhorseracing strives to differ itself from other online gambling operators by focusing more on the clients and its needs rather than on profit or growth. The concept may seem wrong in financial standards nevertheless Allhorseracing remains strong and profitable with a loyal crowd of gamblers.

Bet America
A US based, regulated and licensed online horse racing wagering service, offering wager schemes on Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Harness racing in 80 horse racing tracks in the US and around the world. Bet America focuses not just on providing a platform for horse racing wagering but also on responsible gaming, guiding the players through the wager and providing bonuses and features such as horse racing news and tips.

One of UK’s top sports betting and online gambling operators offering horse racing betting, sports betting, casino games and poker rooms and is believed to serve over 4,000,000, with a staff exceeding 1000 employees. Besides online sports betting and gambling, Bet365 offers added value to its services in the form of commentating, reviews and analysis, tips and live audio and video streaming for various sports and poker events.

Not just any online betting and gambling operator but an entire different concept of sports betting. Betfair is an Internet betting exchange company which operates as a trading market in addition to its purpose as an online racebook and gambling site. Unlike other online sportsbooks, Betfair offers the lay bet, which is a bet for an outcome of race or match not to occur and also provides better odds than the regular industry odds and is able to do so by charging an average of 5% commission on each payout.

Ladbrokes is the biggest and oldest gambling and sports betting company in the world and is based in UK. It was founded in 1886 in Worcestershire as has since grown to own more than 2,200 betting shops in the UK and Ireland and operates several online sports betting and gambling sites. Ladbrokes is listed in the London Stock Exchange, has a net income of more than £75 million in net income and employees more than 15,000 people.

One of horse racing reasons for its immense popularity among sports fans around the world is the field of horse racing betting which is widely practiced by millions of horse racing players. Horse racing betting is as exciting as it gets, with numerous of tipping and horse racing insight services and online sports betting sites offering free horse racing betting and bonuses.

Going Horse Racing Betting
Playing horse racing betting isn’t for everyone. Horse racing players should have a profound knowledge regarding horse racing in general and handicapping in particular. Without it, almost all betting is due to fail and result in the unfortunate loss of large quantities of money. The use of horse racing betting systems is also highly recommended as theses systems eliminate the confusion that might arise in face if the race card and he need to sort the horses by their abilities, weaknesses and potential rivals. A person keen on going horse racing betting should do so carefully and thoughtfully, putting the same efforts in managing a bankroll and maintaining betting discipline as in handicapping and the forming of  horse racing betting systems.

Handicapping Horse Racing Betting
Handicapping is the art of defining the horses which are likely to have a chance at winning from those who simply bare no chance to land in the money. It is done so by examining certain features of the horses and conditions of the race. These features and conditions are the horses’ past performance, weight carried in a race, the jockey riding the horse and his records, the track distance, surface and going (level of moisture in the ground) and many many more aspects which will or might affect the results of a given race. The list of these features can be as long the track’s distance itself, and handicapping doesn’t always work, though it is considered the only reliable method to pick the winning horses. Each handicapper has his own way of handicapping, choosing which aspects get more weight in the decision,which are worth to consider and which are of no significance at all.

Systems in Horse Racing Betting
Many horse racing players use systems in horse racing betting. Horse racing systems aid the bettors in picking the horse more likely to win by analyzing various factors and aspects of  the race and the horses which are due to run. Unlike handicapping, which is much more complicated, horse racing betting systems are simple to form and to understand. A horse racing betting player chooses a set of constant factors that when manifested, form a certain decision over one horse or more. These aspects can be horse that has trainer with 100% of his horses running form in the last month or a horse that was unsuccessful being ridden by  a certain jockey and now gets a new jockey. Horse racing betting systems are not always accurate, however combined with handicapping, can lead to some satisfying results.

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