Free Horse Racing Games

Free horse racing games let players build up a virtual stable where they train horses and race them in virtual horse racing, as trainer, letting the horse run by itself, or as jockeys, acquiring full control over the horse’s performance.

Free Horse Racing Games
Free horse racing games let players race horses or manage stables, just like in real horse racing. Some games are very simple and involve racing horses as sole functions of the game while others are far more complicated and require the player to actually put time and effort in order to succeed in the game.

Free Horse Racing Games Online
There are many free horse racing games online which let players have their own virtual online stable for free. Upon setting the stable, the player is given a single horse to train and prepare for future racing. The goal of the player is to earn as much as points as possible by winning races. With these earned points the player can add horses to his stable, improve existing horses training regime, supplements and equipment and pay using other players breeding horses.

Free horse racing games are based on skill and experience so the more effort the player puts into the stable and horses’ welfare, the better. Players can choose two main strategies in terms of racing their horses. A player can act as jockey, thus having full control over the horse’s performance, benefiting from the human factor involved in the game, or it can trust his own training regime and the form of his horses, and let them run without human intervention.

Real Money in Free Horse Racing Games
Though free in designation, many free horse racing games online allow players to win real money in virtual horse racing. It is actually a virtual horse racing with stable operations, owners, trainers, jockeys, daily fixtures, major events and even betting on horses in virtual horse racing races. Players who won money prizes by winning races or by placing successful bets on horses, can choose whether to further invest the money in the stable and horses or cash it out, the whole or just a portion of it.

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