Free Horse Racing Tips

Following free horse racing tips is a wonderful way for new time bettors who wish to bet on horse racing but have little or no knowledge at all as of how to handicap a race or how to pick a winning horse, to have a chance, even a small one, at winning the game of horse racing betting.

Free Horse Racing Tips
There are many horse racing tipsters and horse racing players who gladly share their insights with others as a gesture of good will or as a mean to promote themselves as worthy tipsters who give valuable free horse racing tips for every bettor who requires them. Though each tipster uses different methods and free horse racing betting systems to come up with daily tips, most of them give away very much the same tips.

The larger percentage gives the obvious free horse racing tips, the kind published at almost every betting site, while the rest either try to tip off high odds horses in order to get credit for tipping off horses at high prices (which doesn’t happen very often), or have their free horse racing tips focus on the outsiders, horses which have decent chance at the race but for some reason were overlooked and given a price which doesn’t reflect their real chances to win the race.

Paid Vs. Free
There are free horse racing tips as much as there are paid horse racing tips, the latter doesn’t necessarily make the good type of horse racing tips. Paid horse racing tipsters claim they charge money because their tips score the promise every day at a good strike rate, which is not necessarily true. In fact, many of them are fraudsters who post post race fake tips to make it look like they’re tipping the right horses but in fact they simply lure the bettors to register and pay for tips, which turn out to be of no value when the tipster has already been paid. This is why sticking with free horse racing tips is recommended. In case of losing due to following a certain free tip, the bettor loses only the stakes placed on the bet with no addition of the money wasted on dubious horse racing tips.

One good way to use free horse racing tips is to follow as much as tipsters as possible and compare their tipping with one another. It is not very sophisticated way to go about placing bets, nevertheless it has been proven to work in many cases.

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