Free Horse Racing

Free Horse Racing Betting
Almost every online racebook, sportsbook and betting site offers free horse racing betting plans and bonuses for the bettors. It can be a sum of money to bet with given to the bettors by the betting site upon registration which is usually 25 units of the bettor’s local currency (Pound, Dollar, Euro) or a 10% bonus of the first deposit made by the bettors. Free horse racing betting offers benefit both the betting site and the bettors as they help attract new bettors to join a certain betting site and conduct their horse racing betting exclusively with this site and also give the bettors who bet on horses for the first time a chance to do so for free, which helps them adjust to the concept of horse racing betting without risking any money, at least for the first few bet they go about.

Free Horse racing bet can be placed these days with the new crypto currencies such as Bitcoin Litecoin and Dogecoin. There are many advantages for bitcoin horse racing bettors, and most are taking part of it.

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Free Horse Racing Games
Many sites today offer free horse racing games, where players can set up their own virtual stable and go about assuming the role of a trainer, owner and jockey to add new horses to the stable, train, supplement and equip them, and then race them either automatically or as a jockey, thus having almost full control over the horse’s performance in the race. These free horse racing games are given for free of course, but not everything about them is free. If a player wants to add new horses to the stable, purchase supplements and equipment or treat wounded horses, points must be earned by winning races in order to use them as virtual cash. Also, some free horse racing games allow players to earn real money by winning top class races conducted exclusively for veteran experienced players.

Free Horse Racing Tips
The term tipsters is widespread among horse racing players and stands for horse racing players who share their knowledge and insights with other horse racing players. Some tipsters do it as a gesture of good will while some do it in order to to promote their sites and ventures. Be that as it may, the fact is that a lot  free horse racing tips actually help bettors score their bets as these free horse racing tips are generated by horse racing players who follow their own advice and bet according to their own tips.